Ed Walker.

I’ve been a radiophile since I was a kid, discovering old dj air checks and radio shows through my dad and uncle. I spent a lot of time listening to Abbott and Costello shows in my room, (I was a weird kid) and finding quirky shows on weekends and late at night on WAMU.

Then I discovered Ed Walker’s Sunday night ‘The Big Broadcast’. Several hours of OTR with Ed telling stories about the shows in between. I loved it, I started listening religiously, going through various stages with each show. For a while I was a huge Lum and Abner fan, then Gunsmoke, then what has stayed an all-time favorite; “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” (The Bob Bailey years OBVIOUSLY) and through that discovered his work as half of The Joy Boys – the other half being Willard Scott – Washington’s original wacky radio duo of the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Being particularly interested in DC area radio I became a fan of finding what I could through websites like http://thejoyboys.com and reelradio.com.

Eventually, I ended up working in the medium I was so obsessed with. While working at a local station in Winchester, doing production, I was tasked with recording a read by none other than the great Willard Scott. Now, I had and have met famous people before, I’m not normally what you call ‘star struck’. But this was different, this was someone whose work I greatly admired. The rest of the world knew him as a weather guy, but I new better. We were left alone to record and I chanced a comment about how much I liked The Joy Boys, well it turns out Willard Scott is about the nicest guy you could ever meet. That man sat in that tiny recording “studio” in BFE and talked to me about radio, the Joy Boys and Ed Walker for almost 45 minutes. I know I went on and on about how much I loved The Big Broadcast and he was right there with me.  Before he left he said he would mention me to Ed. I thanked him and thought nothing of it.

A week later I’m sitting in my office and I get a phone call.
“Hi, this is Willard, I’m sitting here with Ed Walker and thought you would like to talk to him!”
I couldn’t believe it, not only had Willard Scott remembered a conversation with some weird kid who loved old radio shows but actually brought me up in conversation and had Ed Walker call me!
It was maybe a half hour conversation. Probably not even that long. But it is one of those cherished moments that you keep in a special place and take out every once in a while when you need a pick-me-up. We talked old radio, we talked Joy Boys, we talked the state of the industry, we talked Jack Benny. It was heaven.
It will definitely be on the highlight reel.

Ed was gracious and kind and a joy to talk to. I won’t go into specifics, because that’s for me, but it was a brilliant conversation with two great men of the industry. When we hung up he wished me well and told me to keep listening. Of course I did, and after V was born she heard it too. I’m fairly certain she has heard more Jack Benny radio shows than any kid since 1950.

In an industry that does not lend itself to kind or genuine people, Ed Walker was a rarity (Same can be said for Willard) his show was a large part of my life and I will miss him on Sundays. But thanks for the wonderful memories Ed.

A Tribute to Ed

The Bio of Joey Blake

The beauty of Vi.
Take a bio of H.P. Lovecraft and run:

and voila…instant funny bio!

Horror fiction author Joey Blake wrote short stories, novels and novellas, including “The Call of Cthulhu” and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
—Joey Blake
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Still Here




I’m still here.


We’re still here.


We’re doing ok.


There have been many changes and a new journey has begun.


Not really ready to talk yet. But it’s good. Hope you’re good too.


Oh! I lost 40 pounds!


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Unemployed – Day 01 Selflessly Self-centered

So. It was a day.

A weird day.

So many friends, some I haven’t seen in years, sent lovely words of encouragement and comfort. I am truly thankful for that.

You go back and forth between level-headed hope and all-out panic. I sure hope I am hired soon because I have some hysterical stories about the past few days.

Anyway, I do have one apology to make. To my wife Stephanie.

I have a terrible habit of putting everything on my shoulders. I am letting the family down. I am going to lose our home. I am going to disappoint V, Ad infinitum.

I get so caught up in trying to be selfless for the family that I become selfish in my thinking. Even before this I would often refer to V as “My girl” or talk like it’s just her and me.

Today I got a bit of a talking to about my selfless self-centeredness. She’s right, I don’t have to assume everything rides on me. That every move I make will make or destroy the family.  That it’s up to me to get through this like they are helpless trinkets waiting for me. We’re a family, we’ll get through it somehow, together.

Stephanie is an amazing woman. She is and has been my best friend. I think I depend on her more than V does. She’ll listen to me, support me and tell me when I’m being an idiot or a nut. We’re a team. Always have been and always will be. There is no I here.

We are a family.

We will get through this.

I love you Steph.


Happy (belated) Birthday Danny Thomas

Yesterday – January 6th – was Danny Thomas’ birthday.

Now, it’s obvious that his greatest achievement was St. Jude’s Hospital. A wonderful organization established by the entertainer for the research and treatment of catastrophic diseases in children. Since the late 1950’s St Jude’s has done just that for millions of children all over the world. Bless him for it.

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First Weekend of 2014, Family and Growth

So, can you recommend any good board games 5+?

V has recently discovered board and card games and due to the weather we spent a lot of time playing them. I cherish every moment with my girl, [girls actually, but let’s save the amazing blessing that is my wife for later] good and not-so-good, for as fun as the good moments are the not-so-good offer teachable moments for both of us. Every night I review my day and two of the questions I ask my self are “Was I the best Dad I could be today? How can I be a better Dad tomorrow?” It’s the moments of not listening, or openly defying or running towards you and your computer with a full cup of water in her hands…that help answer those questions. Continue reading

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Let it Snow

It snowed last night.

Not much but enough to get V all excited when she and Mommy got home. So out we went to play. We had a blast! It was very cold and the snow was fluffy so it packed nicely into snow balls that we could throw in the air and hear splat when they hit the driveway. We did that so we could continue our sliding game all over the driveway. Can’t slide on the road because of the gravel, but the driveway works great. Continue reading

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Old Time Radio – The Great Gildersleeve

So, one of my geek quirks is a love of classic radio programs, usually referred to as Old Time Radio (OTR.)

I happen to own every available episode of The Jack Benny Show made between 1932 and 1957. I listen constantly to all kinds of shows from comedies to old detective shows to mysteries. I love them and will go over more of them in future posts. I love the ‘theater of the mind’ that radio productions invoke. I love the humor of many of the old shows. I love audio production in general (hence my affection for podcasts) and these shows were the pinnacle in effort for audio entertainment. I enjoy seeing some of that come back today with the rise of online media such as podcasts. Yes, I love doing video, but there is something about both the convenience and imagination of audio that still excites me.
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My Christmas Wish

I have been blessed in this life with more than I deserve and the only present I ask for myself is to be a better husband to Stephanie, a better dad for V, a better friend to everyone and a better man every day in the next year.
Love to all of you.
Merry Christmas